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About Family Bandage
Who, What, and Why

In short, our goal is to provide the resources, assistance, and tools necessary to strengthen family bonds, encourage families to become more active, and help families find ways to save time and money.

But who are we?

First and foremost, this is a very close family of four. The parents--Angela and Tim...that's us--have been married since June 2001 and are more than husband and wife; we are the best of friends. Our two sons were born in June 2008 and June 2010 and are the center of our universe.

When we got married neither of us had a savings and we were both in college; in short, we basically had no money period. We have been through a lot together, but we've also experienced a lot...and honestly we wouldn't change a thing if we could.

We are very passionate about our family and the importance of family in general. We both graduated from the University of South Florida in Tampa in 2006 and have lived on Florida's Space Coast ever since. We have traveled to seven US states, Russia, Puerto Rico, and throughout the Caribbean--mostly before we became a family of four--always on some kind of budget and with tons of advanced planning and research.

We still don't have much of a savings to speak of and we have debt to pay off. That just goes with being a family living off of one income. Tim works full-time and Angela has been a stay-at-home--and now homeschooling--mom since she was pregnant with our first son. We chose this lifestyle not because it's easy, but because it keeps us close and alive. We believe it's not enough to just live life if you're not also experiencing it.

Despite struggling, we are a very active, adventurous, and outgoing family. Our first vacation as a family of four was to North Carolina and Tennessee, when our youngest was not quite 15 months old. We hiked, went to an Old-West-style theme park (Tweetsie), and visited Ripley's Aquarium. To this day, our sons continue to ask us when we'll be returning to that theme park, which is not well-known and was a place we stumbled upon almost by accident!

We also have a small travel trailer, something we purchased used as our family Christmas gift in 2011. We love traveling and camping...and anything that takes us outdoors, to be quite honest. If our boys had their way, we'd sell the house and live in that trailer; our oldest son came up with a very detailed plan to make that possible, and oddly enough his plan includes getting rid of most of their toys!

Coming from the Tampa Bay area, we are also avid NFL, NCAA football, and NHL fans. We have already taken our sons to two USF Bulls football games and one Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game. We certainly plan to attend more.

We also love museums, zoos, aquariums, and science centers. This wasn't anything we pushed on our sons in hopes of having two brainiacs; they developed this love all on their own! And yes, we are always right there alongside them, getting dirty or wet, performing some sort of experiment, or whatever. It's good, "clean" fun!

Rarely do we ever buy or do things without a coupon or without it being on sale, and we hardly buy anything new or branded. Our clothes are very rarely ever purchased new, we get our meat and produce from a local produce market much more often than from the grocery store, most of our foods and household products are generic, and we keep an eye out in mail flyers, on websites, and at the stores for coupons and sales. We also don't purchase soft drinks or juices that aren't truly 100% juice; that's just throwing money away.

Well, that's a little bit about us, just so you know where we're coming from and that we do know what we're doing and can relate to you because this really is our lifestyle, and it always has been. You can't afford to spend frivolously, especially today, but you also can't just sit back and watch life pass you by and see your kids grow up so darn quickly without experiencing life...together. Life is just too short.

As for this website, yes, we know Family Bandage isn't a novel, ground-breaking website. We're not pretending that it is. After all, there are thousands--probably millions--of websites that list places to go, things to do, specials of the day, et cetera.

However, Family Bandage is unique in that we're not asking you to become a member of our cause, we're not asking for your money, we genuinely care about strengthening family bonds, and we do a ton of research to bring together up-to-date information that families can use. We just want families to become families again and enjoy being together and being active.

Family Bandage hopes to help you and your family by providing ideas specifically for families to do things together and money-saving deals for places to go and things to do, and right now the bandages listed here are in the United States and Canada. We know parenting isn't easy, and it's certainly not cheap either--after all, we do have two very active sons--but there are things you can do together that won't break the bank and will strengthen the bond between children and their parents and loved ones.

But why did we decide to build this website and provide this information? The idea was born on September 10, 2012. We were preparing for our annual week-long family vacation--which started the following week and was actually a "stay-cation"--by researching local family things for us to do in the area of our destination. We weren't planning anything big. After all, we weren't visiting any theme parks, despite going to Orlando. We were just getting away from it all for 6 days.

While searching for ideas, we noticed many sites either required logging in or signing up for something in order to get information, provided outdated information or broken links, were overrun with pop-ups, or had more ads than information. It was annoying! We were irritated and just wished there was one website that we could go to that had this type of information without all of the garbage and red tape.

So we decided to create a website ourselves, to help us and other families in need of this information and these resources. We're not big-name and internationally-known theme park fans, and as a homeschooling family of four living on only one income we also watch what we spend very carefully. Furthermore, we are a very close family and do everything in our power to stay and do things together.

That was the foundation for this website: a place with unique and interesting ideas and a resource for discounts and information, without any of the red tape.

We decided to use the term "bandage" because we can all relate to how much bandages helped us feel better when we were kids...and how they seem to make our kids feel better even today.

When we were growing up, bandages seemed to fix everything. (Well, that and a kiss from a loved one.) So the "bandages" that we provide here are meant to help strengthen family bonds and hopefully repair families that have grown apart.

As with traditional bandages, the deals and ideas presented here will neither mend nor strengthen families overnight. By way of frequent application, though, you and your family will soon rediscover what family really means, how great it is to be active, and how you can save money. And that is why we created this site.

We hope you enjoy our website and find it convenient, helpful, educational, and interesting.

Our disclaimers:

While the deals and ideas listed on this website are intended to help strengthen families and help families save money, we provide no guarantees. All sites that you view, ideas that you attempt, or deals that you take part in are done so at your discretion. Family Bandage and its owners and affiliates assume no responsibility or claims of guarantee and are indemnified from all claims and liabilities whatsoever. In other words, you assume full responsibility for you and your family. We've simply led you to the water; we're not forcing you to drink it.

We also do not discriminate. It is our intention to try to include activities for all walks of life, ages, social statuses, and faculties. We understand that not everybody is able to safely partake in all ideas and deals, and we're not assuming everybody can. What you do and choose is up to you and at your own discretion.

Sites accessed through Family Bandage may collect cookies and implement tracking technologies. Family Bandage does not collect your information. You have the option to disable and delete cookies on your browser.

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